Solution for b2b Platforms

Embedded merchant lending for B2B platforms

The perfect solution to increase customer value and foster relationships with your merchants.

Banxware offers a fully embedded, white-label end-to-end solution to provide lending and other financial services to your merchants

How to keep your customers happy and engaged—add value with financial services.

Onboarding & Pre-Scoring

  • Single Sign-on experience
  • Flexible loan offer calculations
  • Instant KYC & AML checks

Credit Decision & Loan

  • Credit Scoring
  • Connectivity to bank account
  • Automated credit decision

Risk Management

  • Ongoing repayment monitoring
  • AI-based shortfall predictions
  • Loan dashboard and notifications


  • Personalized and customized notifications
  • Loan terminations
  • Collection handling

Boost Growth

Help your merchants grow. Benefit from higher customer satisfaction and increased business on your platform. Offer loans to your merchants based on future revenue forecasts.

Raise Retention

Leverage your existing services and offer financial products that extend your current offering and enhance the relationship with your merchants.


We connect your platform with a bank partner that provides a full range of financial services including loans. We offer more transparency, less risk through open banking.


Seamless white-label front end integration designed to match your individual look and feel.

Exceptional UX

Single sign on experience and customized front end integration ensures consistent user experience for your merchants. We offer adjustable, revenue-driven repayment plans.


You focus on your business and your customers – let us take care of everything related to your customer financial services for you.

Increase Customer Value

With the Banxware solution you can provide financial products to your merchants without the risk or development and operational costs. We help you focus on your core business by taking care of your financial service offerings end-to-end.

What types of
platforms do we support?

Our lending solutions fit all types of digital platform businesses.


Give your merchants access to an embedded cash advance solution that allows them to grow their business.

Ride Hauling

Provide your drivers with financing options directly embedded in your platform. Allow your drivers to grow with a loan against future revenues.


Your platform connects businesses with their end-users. Help your business clients grow through your platform. Our embedded lending solutions is the right fit.

POS Systems

Your customers use your POS terminal to process digital payments or digitize their businesses. With our embedded lending solution you can extend your offerings.

Payment Providers

You are the expert in payments processing. Offer your customers an embedded merchant cash advance solution integrated in your merchant portal. Easy, seamless and without any effort from you.


Extend your offerings, beyond current accounts or payment cards, to a fully embedded lending solution that fits the needs of your business customers.

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