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Instant cash: Easy and fast to help grow your business

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We understand the needs of
small businesses

Banxware’s instant financing solution delivers platform and marketplace merchants the liquidity and fuel to grow - digital, around the clock and right where you spend most of your time: within your platform or marketplace.

Get access to future revenues already today - invest your instant financing into your business and repay with your additional future sales

No matter your capital needs...

  • Replenish your inventory
  • Fund a marketing campaign
  • Overcome slower sales periods
  • And more...

... Banxware has your back

Banxware reworked the traditional bank loan,
and tailored it to the needs of merchants:


Revenue-based repayment

Instead of a fixed monthly rate, your repayment amount is a percentage of revenues: so if your revenues slow down, so do repayments

Woman working on a laptop.

Transparent pricing

Transparency is key: instead of interest, we charge you a one-time fixed fee with no additional costs

Fully digital process

From financing application to identification and contract signing - the process is fully digital, you can complete it around the clock and from any location

Get your revenue-based financing in four easy steps:




application check


Digital identification and loan approval


Contract signing and funds payout

Banxware provides the technology and the operational financing process and acts as a licensed loan broker.
The financing is provided by our trusted bank partner: