Banxware offers Instant Liquidity to Lieferando Restaurant Partners

July 16, 2021
May 19, 2021

Lieferando partner restaurants now have access to instant liquidity based on their future revenue. Directly from the Lieferando Partner Webshop, they are referred to the loan application page operated by Banxware and can apply for an instant cash advance via Banxware’s sub-brand “GetRaoul”. The application is made entirely online and is done in a matter of minutes.

Banxware, the Berlin-based leading Lending-as-a-Service provider, is partnering with Lieferando, the largest food delivery platform in Germany, to offer Lieferando’s restaurant partners a fast, simple, and convenient liquidity solution. While it is often cumbersome to obtain loans from traditional banks and lenders, Banxware has built a solution that allows restaurant owners to apply for a loan in a matter of minutes, based on their recent revenues. Banxware lends against future revenues, giving the restaurants additional liquidity and the possibility to grow their business. For this purpose, applicants will only need to provide Banxware with their transaction history. This offer comes at a time that is particularly hard for the hospitality industry, and is featured and supported by Lieferando.

Through Banxware’s “GetRaoul” instant cash advance brand for restaurants, Banxware offers instant liquidity tailored for restaurants, especially those using the Lieferando platform for food delivery. The costs and repayment modalities are transparent: Banxware charges one fixed fee for each loan. No other fees or interest apply.

“The current situation is particularly challenging for our restaurant partners. With Banxware's offering, we can support our restaurants with access to instant liquidity. We are excited that our restaurant partners now have the possibility to use the revenues they generate on our platform to grow their business through financing solutions specifically tailored to them” says Jörg Gerbig the COO at Just and Founder of

"Through our sub-brand “GetRaoul”,we are offering restaurant owners access to capital in the fastest and most convenient way – even if they are newcomers to the restaurant business, by advancing cash on predicting their future revenues. We are excited that Lieferando is supporting this offer to its restaurant partners" says Jens Röhrborn the Founder and CEO at Banxware.

About Banxware  

Banxware is a Lending as-a-Service provider that enables digital platforms such as marketplaces and other aggregators to offer integrated liquidity solutions and financing in real time to its business customers. The company is headquartered in Berlin and was founded in 2020 byMiriam Wohlfarth, Jens Röhrborn, Fabian Heiß and Nicolas Kipp.

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