German Fintech Dream Team

July 16, 2021
September 1, 2020

You hardly find such an experienced team - probably the most famous successful Fintech founder in Germany, Miriam Wohlfarth announced today the launch of another start-up. Together with one of the most renown Fintech lawyers, Jens Röhrborn (Wirecard Bank, PPRO, Deutsche Handelsbank etc.), Fabian Heiß from the FinTech company builder finleap, and ex-adjust COO/CFO Aurel Stenzel, Wohlfarth recently founded Banxware in response to existing demand for platforms such as marketplaces, payments providers, and POS services in the financial and eCommerce scene.

"With Banxware we create added value for platforms, merchants, and banks. As a Software-as-a-Service provider for embedded financial services, we enable any company to offer loans and other banking services to their customers. Our first completed product is an instant lending solution that enables merchants on digital platforms, marketplaces, and payment service providers to apply for and take out a loan fully digitally in an instant, using all tools and possibilities open banking provides. It is fully integrated into the corresponding front-end using the corporate identity of the platform. The credit decision is made immediately online and, after the payout, which happens within minutes, we take over the entire credit management throughout the lifecycle of the loan via the Banxware solution. The repayment is made by the merchant’s future sales directly from the settlements from the digital payment methods," explains Miriam Wohlfarth.

The newly founded company thus covers the market demand among platforms, banks, and merchants, which both the Ratepay founder and the Fintech lawyer have been observing for some time:

"There is a high demand in the market from marketplaces and digital platforms. To increase customer lifetime value and be competitive, they must offer their merchants an integrated added value, such as the application for loans in real-time. Through my experience with Ratepay, I know how difficult it is to enter a regulated market. We relieve platforms and marketplaces from this challenge and effort and handle it on their behalf end-to-end," explains Wohlfarth.

CEO Jens Roehrborn emphasizes the advantage on the banking side:

"We enable banks via a multiplier, the platform, to access large customer groups, that were previously difficult to reach, with one integration. We do it state-of-the art, quickly, easily and in a risk-optimized way".

The founders see the Corona crisis as a chance:

"The need is there on all sides, the crisis has provided significant growth to digital commerce on platforms and marketplaces. Marketplaces and platforms have recognized that they need to offer value added services in order to succeed. Embedded financial services have proven to be the most efficient customer retention tool and are an additional source of income on top. Banxware brings these players all together", comments CPO, Fabian Heiß.

Together, the experienced and unique founding team unites the financial and eCommerce world:

Miriam Wohlfarth, who founded Ratepay, one of the first and most successful Fintechs in Germany, will also take over the marketing and sales functions at Banxware. In addition to her, Banxware CEO, and long-time Fintech lawyer Jens Roehrborn, ex-finleap Fabian Heiß, as CPO, as well as ex-adjust, Aurel Stenzel as new Banxware CFO form a uniquely experienced team that is set for success with their deep industry expertise, extensive network and proven experience in building companies.

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