Revenue-based Lending

Banxware empowers platforms to offer financing products based on recent financial transaction history such as Merchant Cash Advance

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Revenue-based Lending as a Service
Offer merchants instant access to liquidity

With one easy integration, Banxware’s solution offers merchants access to liquidity based on their recent performance - fully digital and managed by Banxware end-to-end

Fully digital process

From financing application to identification and contract signing - the process is fully digital and a merchant can complete it around the clock and from any location

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Transparent pricing

Transparency is key: instead of interest, we charge a one-time fixed fee with no additional costs


Revenue-based repayment

Instead of a fixed monthly rate, the repayment amount is a percentage of revenues: so if revenues slow down, so do repayments

Payout to Prepaid

Give merchants the option to receive their financing on a virtual or physical prepaid card

Let us do the heavy lifting

You choose your preferred level of integration: fully embedded in your platform UX or as an affiliate partner. No matter what Banxware manages your financing solution

Onboarding &

  • Single Sign-on experience

  • Flexible loan offer calculations

  • Instant KYC and AML checks

Credit Decisioning & Loan Payout

  • Credit Scoring

  • Connectivity to bank account

  • Automated credit decision


  • Ongoing repayment monitoring

  • AI-based shortfall predictions

  • Loan dashboard and notifications

  • Split repayment


  • Personalized and customized notifications

  • Loan terminations

  • Collections handling

Why Platforms & Marketplaces should work with us

Our Lending as a Service solution comes as an all-in one package: bank partnership, repayment management and regulatory compliance

  • No payment default risk

  • No funds needed

  • No licenses required

  • No code or low code integration

Banxware provides the technology and is responsible for all operational financing processes.
The financing is provided by our trusted bank partner, Vereinigte Volksbank Raiffeisenbank eG

It’s your choice

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White Label & fully embedded:  make it truly yours

  • Fully embed business financing into your platform or marketplace

  • Establish your own financing brand

  • Directly control the merchants’ financing experience

Offer our instant financing solution right away as an affiliate partner, while preparing for full integration

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Quick start: Banxy by Banxware

  • Link-out to stand-alone platform Banxy by Banxware

  • Zero integration effort from your side

  • Easy upgrade to fully embedded version