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Rabobank and Banxware join forces. What’s behind the headline?

In a world where time is of the essence and small businesses strive for quick and accessible financing, a new partnership has emerged. Banxware and Rabobank, the leading provider of SME financing in the Netherlands, have joined forces.
Theresa Roecher
30. June 2023
6 minute read

The key to success lies in the cutting-edge solution Embedded Lending. Together, the Dutch bank and Banxware have devised a powerful mechanism that seamlessly integrates with popular digital business platforms.

Why is the merger promising?

Banxware and Rabobank are both very complimentary. From now on both companies cooperate in Sales and Business Development: While Banxware is an established and striving embedded lending player in Germany, Rabobank is the leading provider of embedded lending in the Dutch market. Together, they can already cover two big markets and potentially more in the future, serving platforms that want to roll out internationally. However, the two companies not only have many parallels on the business side, but also when it comes to cultural fit and even more, technology. One example of how they synergize regards data expertise. Rabobank is remarkably strong on risk management and reading bank account transaction with their own product credit estimate. Meanwhile, Banxware is particularly experienced with e-commerce data, which they accessed and analyzed through their own APIs. By joining forces, they have a wealth of new data sources at their disposal to better serve these SMEs in a wider range of Europe.

The joint mission of Rabobank and Banxware

To continue doing what they do best: Providing lending solutions targeted towards SMEs, to run and grow their business. Rabobank was quick to recognize and adapt to the shift to digital commerce and platform trends in the SME sector in the early days. The Durch financial institute understood that credit options must be offered exactly where sales are generated- in marketplaces, payment- and accounting systems. The joint mission is to provide simple, straightforward loans to SMEs and by doing so serving as a strategic partner, so SMEs can focus on running their own business.

The partnership will enable entrepreneurs to access the short-term financing they need, easily and responsibly. Applying for a loan can be as quick as 15 minutes, and after approval the cash can be in the entrepreneur’s bank account within 24 hours. Managing the finances is made easy, with flexible repayments and an insightful dashboard.

Thomas Horn, Lead Strategy Embedded Lending, at Rabobank says: “Making short-term financing more accessible allows SMEs, and the economy at large, to flourish. A recent analysis showed that SMEs with short-term financing grow 2.2 times faster than those without. Over many years we have built a reliable model to determine credit worthiness, proving that accessibility and due diligence don’t have to be at odds with each other.”

What’s Next?

Miriam Wohlfarth, CEO at Banxware explains: “This partnership brings Embedded Financing products tailored to the needs of SMEs to popular business platforms. Together with Rabobank we now provide the full financing supply chain, including funds and end-to-end loan management to bridge cash flow shortfalls before they become an issue. I am very proud that Banxware is taking the first step towards internationalization in cooperation with a trusted partner like Rabobank”.

There are big ambitions to go live over the summer with two to three established platforms in the Netherlands. Put together, there are about twenty relevant business platforms in Germany and the Netherlands, already in the pipeline. Also, the joint solution is an international solution, for platforms with an international userbase or ambitions to expand. The plan is that at the end of the day, all involved recognize the value and benefit from it: The bank, the fintech and most importantly the SME.

Thomas Horn (Lead Strategy Embedded Lending at Rabobank) and Nicolas Kipp (Co-Founder and Chief Risk Officer at Banxware on Stage
Banxware team and Rabobank team at M2020 - Cultural fit!

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