We democratize access to capital with easy platform-integrated business loans

About Banxware

Banxware is creating the future of business lending.

Our embedded lending technology empowers digital platforms such as marketplaces, PSPs, and other aggregators to help their business sellers grow with access to the capital they need.

With fully digital, seamlessly integrated business loans, our partners expand their value proposition while boosting their platform and the broader economy.

Where traditional banks might say no, we say yes - enabling growth for platforms and businesses.

To learn more about how we got here, read our Story.
To discover our vision for the future and the way Banxware intends to revolutionize business lending, read our Mission.

60+ employees

from multicultural backgrounds

25+ nationalities

from 5 different continents

1M merchants

have access to Banxware’s business loans in Germany alone

Our team

Jens Röhrborn


Jens is the founder and managing director of Banxware. He is a German qualified lawyer and has over 20 years of experience in the payments and banking industry.

Miriam Wohlfarth


Miriam is the founder of Banxware. She is a successful FinTech entrepreneur, founder of Ratepay, with more than 20 years of experience in payment, banking and eCommerce.

Fabian Heiß


Fabian is co-founder and CPO of Banxware. He has more than 15 years of experience in the banking industry and built different fintech products for finleap and others. Fabian holds an MBA from HHL – Handelshochschule Leipzig.

Our investors

Our story

Banxware was founded in mid-2020 by Jens Roehrborn and Miriam Wohlfarth to build a white-label merchant cash advance solution that enables platforms such as PSPs and marketplaces to offer revenue-based financing to their merchants.

We carefully addressed every potential challenge for our partners, including seamless platform integration and fast loan decisioning for speedy credit approval.

By the end of 2020, Banxware had stress-tested its loan application and credit decision engine by brokering government-backed Covid-19 relief loans to PENTA customers.

The first live partner was Lieferando, Germany's largest food delivery platform and part of the Just Eat Takeaway.com N.V. group.

Banxware is now providing easy digital business loans to merchants through various platforms, such as Payone (Ingenico) and TeleCash by Fiserv, Alphapool, everstox, Papa Oscar Ventures, and Forto.

The principles that define our work,
ethics and behavior

We are respectful of people’s differences and diversity and show respect in all communications with others.
We are helpful in our interactions with partners and sellers, thinking about how to proactively assist.
We are transparent in how we communicate, minimizing confusion with openness and clear language.
We take a pragmatic approach in all that we do, enhancing usability and sustainability everywhere.
We collaborate with our partners and learn from each other to get the best results for all involved.
We show trust and act in a way that fosters trust in our relationships with partners and sellers.

Our mission

In the future, business loans will no longer be primarily provided by banks.

The platforms businesses use in their everyday lives will take over this function, offering their sellers easy access to credit to grow their businesses.

By enabling platforms to offer financing directly to their customers, we transform businesses' experience when they apply for a loan.

Small businesses with no access to traditional bank loans can now use Banxware's platform integrations to apply for easy business loans. It's fast, convenient, and can be accessed easily from the platforms they use every day.

Our end-to-end solution covers all technology, capital, and regulatory requirements - allowing businesses and their platforms to grow and thrive together.

We recognize potential and deliver the financing businesses deserve.

Our vision

To provide capital to businesses and enable platforms to seamlessly integrate embedded lending into their value proposition.

Our motivation

We believe in the platform economy and creating easier access to credit for growing businesses. Our solutions are easy, fast, digital, and accessible to all. With Banxware, platforms and their sellers can grow together.

Be a part of the future of embedded lending