Make embedded lending your new growth driver

Augment your customers' experience with easy access to the capital they need, right on your platform.

Offer your customers a
digital financing solution

Your new platform-based lending service will sustainably increase seller satisfaction and boost retention while adding a new revenue stream.
Banxware creates value for:
Increase merchant revenues on your marketplace and boost seller engagement with access to integrated business financing.
Shop system providers
Add value by providing sellers with instant access to revenue-based capital directly from your own merchant dashboard.
Fintechs and neobanks
Differentiate your fintech or neobank by offering state-of-the-art digital lending options to your business customers.
Payment service providers
Offer customers fast access to funds based on their recent sales track record from within your payment gateway.
Banxware builds your
brand and revenue

Stronger value proposition

Expand your brand offering with a valuable financial solution and gain a distinct competitive advantage.

Higher seller retention

Increase the lifetime value of your customer relation-ship with added value and higher satisfaction.

User revenue growth

Help your customers achieve their goals and be part of their growth and success.

A new revenue stream

Earn a commission on every approved loan, creating a sustainable new revenue stream.

Connect your customers to the
capital they need

Benefits for platforms

Seamless integration

Everything works smoothly via an integrated API.

Risk-free capital

Banxware brings the funds and bears all risks.

Regulatory compliance

Banxware covers all regulatory requirements, incl. KYC and AML.

White-label service

Offer liquidity as a fully branded feature.
Benefits for platform users

Fully digital

Speedy digital process cuts down waiting time.

Fast approval and payout

Approved within 15 minutes with instant payout.

Full control over funds

Nothing is earmarked for a specific purpose.

Merchant cash advance

Revenue-based loans based on business performance.

Choose the partnership you want

Businesses like yours partner with us to provide their users with easy access to business loans.

We offer both a fully embedded white-label option or lighter integration with a referral-based partnership. Both partnership models can be fully tailored to your customers' needs.

White label

A fully integrated embedded technology with business credit services offered under your brand.
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A lighter standalone solution that uses tracked referrals to a dedicated landing page or widget.
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