Provide your platform sellers with access to the capital they need

Banxware simplifies access to capital with platform-integrated business loans.

Our core lending experience offers:

Fully digital processing

The finance application, identification, decisioning and contract signing – the process is fully digital from start to finish for sellers.

Flexible loans

Loan-seekers decide the amount they borrow. Subject to revenue-based approval, we offer adjustable loans from €1k to €250k.

Transparent pricing

Costs that can be planned for: Rather than charging interest, we charge a one-time fixed fee with no additional costs.

Revenue-based repayment

Instead of a fixed monthly rate, the platform sellers’ repayment amount is a percentage of revenue. So, if business slows down, so do repayments.

White-label integration

The fully integrated white-label solution can be completely tailored to the needs of your customers. The all-in-one package covers everything: We provide the bank partnership, take care of all credit checks and compliance, and provide a smart loan management suite for your users. Our state-of-the-art API makes everything easy.

Establish your own financing brand
Seamlessly embed our lending products into existing dashboards
Directly control every aspect of your platform users’ experience
All the tricky parts are taken care of:
No default risks
No funds needed
No licenses required
No or minimal code integration required

We do the hard work, you enjoy the benefits

Banxware’s end-to-end financing for platform sellers has every angle covered:
Onboarding and pre-scoring
Single sign-on experience
Flexible loan offer calculations
Instant KYC and AML checks
Credit decisioning and loan payout
Credit scoring
Integrated with bank accounts
Automatic credit decision
Risk management
Ongoing repayment monitoring
AI-based revenue shortfall predictions
Loan dashboard and notifications
Loan management
Flexible repayment
Personalized and custom reminders
Dunning and collections handling

Referral partnership

If the fully integrated white-label solution isn’t for you, we also offer a standalone solution – a referral partnership. Platforms can refer their users to a dedicated landing page and earn commissions for every loan approved.

Quick go-live in just one day with minimal effort.
A landing page that matches the look and feel of your brand.
Fully digital application with no technical integration.
Professional marketing support .

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