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Business Financing for
Lieferando Partners

Invest in your business and secure the necessary capital in just 15 minutes.

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What makes Banxware Restaurantfinanzierung special?

Minimal Effort

The credit decision is based on your revenue statements for the last six months.

No personal collateral

We do not require any collateral (equipment, inventory, etc.) or personal guarantee from you.

Transparent Costs

No interest rates or hidden fees, only a fixed fee which is clear from the start.

Minimaler Aufwand

Kreditvergabe basierend auf den Umsatznachweisen deiner letzten sechs Monate.

Transparente Kosten

Keine Zinssätze oder versteckten Gebühren, lediglich eine vorab vereinbarte, feste Gebühr.

Freiheit & Flexibilität

Es ist dir überlassen wie du dein Geld ausgibst. Du weißt am besten, was dein Unternehmen braucht.

What's in it for you?

What does your business bring in each month after tax on average?

Monthly revenue range

€20,000 - €25,000

You could be getting



"The financing process was easy and without much bureaucracy, everything could be done digitally and online. After we submitted all the documents, everything went very quickly. That's what we liked the most."
Khaleed El Assad
Uni Pizzeria
"I like your cooperation best. That's why I trust your product. Your financing was perfect for renewing my equipment."
Mustafa Kaya
W-W Marienberg Kebap Haus
"Thanks to your financing, I was able to afford new equipment and achieve more sales."
Zainab Berro
Lieferservice Maxxi Pizza

How it works

1.  Get an immediate offer estimate

Simply sign up and find out how much you could be getting. This offer in non-binding, free, and take only takes a few minutes.

2. Securely verify your sales data and apply for your loan

Just like you would show your sales data to a bank, you can connect your accounts to do this digitally for a paper-free, no-fuss loan application.

3. Receive your payout in one day

Once you are approved, you can receive your payout within the next business day!

"Als unser Ofen kurz vor Weihnachten kaputt ging, konnten wir dank der Banxware Restaurantfinanzierung alle unerwarteten Kosten kurzfristig decken und unseren Gästen durchgängig leckere Pizza auftischen."

-Lieferando Restaurantpartner

"When our oven broke down before Christmas, we were able to cover all unexpected costs on short notice and serve our guests Pizza throughout, thanks to Banxware Restaurant Financing."

- Lieferando restaurant partner

Do you need help with your application?

Complete your application together with one of our experts.

Do you need help with your application?

Complete your application together with one of our experts.

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The modern restaurant financing

Individually tailored offer

There is no one size fits all financing. That’s why we offer restaurant owners capital which is individually customised, based on their sales data on Lieferando.

0% interest

We want to make the repayment process as easy and seamless as possible. Therefore, we don’t take any interest, but only a fixed fee, which is clear and transparent from the start.

Automatic repayments

No need to worry about making the repayments on time. We automatically withdraw the defined amount per direct debit from your bank account every month.

Apply online within 15 minutes

Start investing in your restaurant today. See the results tomorrow.

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Have you got any questions?

Speak to our experts
Paula Kowalewska
Customer Service & Pizza Specialist
We would love to help you! Call us on
+49 30 311 937 03.


What is Banxware Business Financing?

Our financing is called Banxware Business Financing for Lieferando Partners because it is tailor-made for Lieferando partners and you can apply for financing for your business quickly and easily. You can take out a loan from €500 to €100,000 that best suits your business needs.

Who can apply for financing?

If you have been a Lieferando partner for at least 3 months, your business is based in Germany and you generate at least €400 per month, you can apply for funding here.

What are dynamic repayments?

With dynamic repayments, your revenue data speaks for itself - that is how we are able to enable access to financing! Before you take out a loan, you will know the fee as well as your monthly repayment rate. By connecting your online shop or payment provider, we will be able to calculate your monthly repayment based on the repayment rate and your monthly revenue. There is of course a minimum monthly repayment, which is different for each business and will be detailed in your contract.

How does it work?

With Banxware Business Financing for Lieferando partners, partners who are active on Lieferando get quick access to short-term financing options, with a maximum term of 12 months. You only pay a one-time fee at the beginning of the financing and there are no hidden costs or interest. You can complete an application within just a few minutes, completely online. Your financing will be paid out directly to the bank account you specified during the application process. Repayments are made in fixed monthly installments of the total financing amount.

What does it cost?

To avoid hidden costs and compound interest, we charge a one-time fixed financing fee for the loan. This one-time fee is shown transparently at the beginning of your application and is a fixed percentage of your loan amount. You pay it back together with the loan amount during the term of the loan. Of course, this fixed fee only incurs once the loan has been approved.

How do I pay back the financing?

You simply pay back in monthly installments by direct debit, automatical. These are fixed weekly installments that depend on the financing amount, including the one-time fee as well as the term duration. For you, this means that you only have to make sure that your account contains sufficient funds.

Attention! Unfortunately, it is not possible to offset your Lieferando.de invoice.

Who is Banxware?

Banxware GmbH is a fintech start-up from Berlin that supports platforms such as Lieferando with integrated financing for their customers - like you. Find out more about us on our website.

What's the catch?

There is no catch - we chose to have a transparent business model that allows founders and business owners to know all fees up front before you ever take out a loan because we understand what it's like to try and manage and grow your business. Our aim is to provide you with easy online access to financing.