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Qonto brings tailored financing offers directly to small and medium-sized German companies

Ulrike Grandi
30. June 2023
6 minute read

Shopify Capital sees a 36% growth in shops in the US that have received financing through them. SMEs with short-term financing grow 2.2 times faster compared to companies without financing, as Rabobank found. At Banxware, we experience growth of up to 500% in companies that use recurring financing through Banxware.

Behind this is a critical driving factor: tailored financing for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Our partner Qonto is now launching a financing platform to offer such financing deals to even more small and medium-sized German companies. By the means of digital, customized solutions, SMEs can better meet their financing needs and achieve their long-term goals.

  • SMEs need flexibility - for instance, when it comes to adjusting repayment terms and other conditions to their business situation
  • SMEs need support to grow - for example, to enter new markets, increase their production capacity, or expand their team
  • SMEs need to bridge liquidity gaps - in times of unpredictable expenses or irregular income, SMEs are increasingly faced with liquidity gaps
  • SMEs must be able to respond efficiently and quickly - seamless and fast processes support entrepreneurs by saving them time and allowing them to focus on their core business.

Tailored financing offers are crucial

Qonto, the European financial solution for SMEs and freelancers, has now opened a new financing platform that supports Qonto customers in the German market to invest in the growth of their businesses with suitable financing offers. Qonto customers have seamless access to offers from various partners - whose financing products are directly accessible via the platform. At the launch of the platform, Qonto is bringing Banxware, Defacto, and Silvr on board as its first partners. The financing offers provided are specifically tailored to the needs of SMEs and can be accessed easily, securely, and directly via the platform. Qonto customers thus not only get access to financing offers to continue growing, but also save a lot of time thanks to a seamless process without bureaucratic hurdles.

Qonto x Banxware

"Our mission at Qonto is to support small and medium-sized businesses in growing quickly, but also healthily," says Lukas Zörner, VP Germany at Qonto. "The launch of our financing platform allows us to offer our customers financing products tailored to their individual financial needs in the future. We are very pleased to have Banxware, Defacto, and Silvr as our first strong partners on board."

And Miriam Wohlfarth emphasizes: "Through our partnership with Qonto, we are opening up completely new opportunities for companies for seamless financial services. Together, we are redefining the growth opportunities of modern companies. The collaboration is a sign of our combined innovative power, and we are looking forward to rethinking financing solutions."

The strong partnership with Banxware, Defacto, and Silvr demonstrates Qonto's commitment to offering innovative solutions to revolutionize financing opportunities for modern businesses. Qonto supports SMEs in Germany in getting the financing they need to be successful and achieve their long-term goals.

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