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How Payment and Treasury Automation Elevates Lending

If any of your business objectives is at all related to satisfying your customer’s needs than automation will likely play a part in your operational processes, sooner rather than later. In the embedded lending space it has already become a powerful tool toward enhanced customer experience and safety. Continue reading to find how Banxware successfully deploys payment and treasury automation.
Paula Otten
12. October 2023

Heavily reinforced by digitalization, today's approach to lending is in the middle of a profound evolution, both in terms of methods as well as mindset. At Banxware, we sensed this shift early on. Supported by our partner Atlar, we made the strategic decision to be at the forefront of modernizing business lending by integrating their modern treasury platform. 

No professionalization without automation: Why automated money movements are essential to modern lending 

The days of manual processes and tedious paperwork are numbered, at least if you’re a lender that holds high standards for customer satisfaction and experience. Banxware saw that payment and treasury automation is key if we want to operate on the most professional level and deliver a premium product to platforms and borrowers. Whether it’s B2C or B2B lending, borrowers have distinctive needs when it comes to finding the right financing and automating money movement plays a critical role in helping Banxware meets these needs. Continue reading to learn how.

Added Security, Reduced Errors

Automating payments from reconciliation to initiation means we can cut out human error in payment processing. This means fewer headaches, fewer disputes, and an elevated borrower experience. Misdirected or erroneous payments can be costly and potentially harms the lender’s reputation, making this a top priority.

Speed and Efficiency

Customers that opt for a digital lending experience do so because they value their time. Automating money movement caters to this exact user need. Transactions are processed in real time – resulting in almost instantaneous loan payouts. Ultimately this means that Banxware ensures borrowers can access funds quickly in order to take advantage of time-sensitive growth opportunities.

Faster Market Expansion and Cross-Border Scaling

Streamlining our payment and treasury operations  also makes it easier for Banxware to integrate new banking partners in new markets and orchestrate them all via a single dashboard. With our decision to integrate the Atlar API into our existing workflows removes all the complexity of multi-bank and multi-currency setups. The end result is we can scale our financing product faster to help customers in more markets. Seamless cross-border lending operations have become our new standard.

A Glimpse into Banxware’s Automation Journey

Having a hard-working in-house engineering team, we know the complexities as well as the strain of building a bank integration. While we initially integrated banks ourselves, we quickly decided to be smart about our internal capacities and invest in further professionalizing our operations. By onboarding Atlar we achieved just that: 

Their API allows us to automate all money movement with our banking partners, no manual initiation needed. Banxware’s risk analysts can use the Atlar dashboard to swiftly access all the data and insights they need for each and every transaction. 

Tapping into the power of automation has massively enhanced the speed with which Banxware initiates loan payouts and repayments. This means the Banxware team no longer needs to oversee each and every payment flow. When put to practice, it substantially contributes to borrower satisfaction since their loans are paid out almost instantaneously. This in turn means happier merchants and, ultimately, happier platform partners too. When a merchant receives the capital they need in time to seize a critical business opportunity, their business can grow faster. This concludes in greater platform spending and activity and ultimately contributes to platform growth. 

The agility and scalability of Atlar’s payment and treasury automation software will be a massive accelerator moving forward.  Their API can connect to almost any financial institution, including banks, PSPs, and ERPs. This applies especially to all European banks, regardless of their size, currency or location – enabling internationalization and scalability. Together with Atlar we already managed to seamlessly expand our operations to the Netherlands with more markets to come in the future.   


It’s easy to get lost in the technicalities and intricacies of lending automation. But there’s more to it than tech. It’s about enhancing user experiences, ensuring precision, and building global connections. The deliberate choice for a payment and treasury automation ensures we can continue to provide the highest value-adding service to our platform partners and merchants. 

The future of lending is automated, and Banxware, in partnership with Atlar, is leading the way.

For a deeper dive into this transformative partnership and the nuances of treasury automation, read our detailed case study on Atlar's blog: Atlar for Lenders: Banxware Case Study.

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